Dame Emma Thompson asks for a kiss from Prince William


Lovely feeling. Oh, look she's kicking off fan girl. Who knew that's funny. It's cute. Thompson co collect the honor with her family members by her side. The proud supporters included her husband, Greg wise, as well as her daughter guy and her son. Okay. I'm gonna try to say this one. Ten d voire Gaba. Actress adopted in two thousand and four the synthesis ability star war an elegant blue suit, and why sneakers for their momentous occasion. It's no surprise to start receiving after all after all she's received a number of wards over the course of her career, including two Oscars to Golden Globes and three BAFTA awards. Okay. It is a very nice picture of her. So that's really cute to see. All righty. And in more news. Pump pump. Says here, let's remind Donald Trump. Nope. Just how much he knows little John. I can also say let's remind President Donald Trump. You know? But yes, so. Many so many apprentice contestants sullen a memory. The captain says earlier today, President Trump spoke to reporters at the White House to discuss the midterm election results. Yes, folks. And I hope everyone voted yesterday. So but anyway, during the Cuban a portion, however, one drill had a question about some of the claims made by a few familiar or not so familiar faces. Michael Cohen recently said you call black voters stupid. I'm Orosa has accused you of using the N word the is shared and the rapper Lil Jon has said

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