Chinese Presence in Pakistan Is Targeted in Strike on Consulate in Karachi


In Karachi three tacos storm, the local Chinese consulate killing four people including two police officers before being killed themselves and before they could detonate their primary weapon econ Laden with explosives for more on this. I'm joined by Aisha Deka military, scientists offer and research associate at so as I should first of all the attack itself on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, it's been claimed by the Balochistan Liberation Army. Basically who are they in what they want? The Balochistan national liberation on me is a nationalist below ch- nationalist movement, their ethnic movement a want independence from Pakistan. But what is very cute cute is that. Earlier on in the past Balochistan Liberation Army or any army associate with the below schmooze Flint has never had the capacity to strike inside of an centers and astrategically aside, as for example, the Chinese consulate says very very strange, and it's a cross border attack as well. It's not within Balochistan. Yes. It's not within Balochistan earlier. What we've seen is that be LA or other armies of the movement would strike say petty workers, laborers working for the army all blow up a pipeline going through Balochistan having their years ago. This is like four five years ago. There was a blast in Islamabad, which was the extra beauty to be LA. But you know, everybody knew wasn't the LA. Be LA didn't have the capacity. I still don't think it has the capacity, but what is being claimed is on behalf of LA. This was on its own merits at least clearly an extremely ambitious attack. I mean, this is a a high profile and presumably will secured target, which they clearly intended to do serious damage if this was the Balochistan the beret army, and as you correctly point out, there's some doubts as to whether they're claiming to whether it's being claimed on their behalf by other actors, but why would the Chinese consulate of Bena target fastly because there is the China puck sonic comic corridor, which passes through Balochistan. There is development work and guava, which is a portent of very strategic port very strategic location in Balochistan. It's a deep sea fishing pole, which would give China the ability to kind of a be part of the Rabian, see. Says very strategic and what the Balaj ethnic Ballade say is that well, a strategic mood shift has been made a strategic decision has been made regarding the province without taking them into account. And they do not want to be part of Pakistan. I still don't think I mean, I'm doubtful that there are several claims. There's a Pakistani claim that the Balaj themselves are being funded by by Indians in intelligence agency in of gone intelligence agency, they could be others as well. And what the Chinese have been saying so long is allow us allow the Chinese to come bring their own force into Parkistan the security forces to defend and secure anything. Why there is Chinese investment or Chinese presence? So it could be anyone really. But it doesn't look like. The work of be LA because be LA has limited capacity is much not just in Balochistan, but in Pakistan as whole is the much resentment or suspicion of China's increasing influence in Buxton. In Balochistan, the issues being raised bought generally the state, and the people are generally, you know, excited about money coming in. I mean through the China Pakistan economic corridor. China plans to invest sixty one billion dollars into Pakistan and has so far invested about twenty six billion dollars. They were stopped after the last government lost in elections. And there is a new government in the new government destroying to reach out to the Giannis. But there are other problems, for example, IMF has raised issues with how CPAC known as coming into into parka sawn, and they're saying that box on will get into debt trap China. And so when box current prime minister went to China, very recently, he was met very warmly, but not giving any money Buxton. Badly needs money. So it was a smile. Good vicious press. But nothing several M several MU signed but nothing substantive in terms of

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