Is the new MacBook Air really worth it? (The 3:59, Ep. 486)

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Chang amount for dang Jan Ackerman. At Apple's MAC book air is going on sale today. And we've got Dan ackman onto talk about his review. Hello breakdown for us is the new macbook air worth it. It's very different from the old MAC book air, which both of you guys. Have that's designed it has not changed a lot in the last basically eight to ten years, and it was just really getting old. I mean, they're just not. So remember one of the cool, but the almost tech. I went to look up the original two thousand eight was when this was announced this when Steve Jobs, I think famously took it out of Manila, which by the way, he like faked that it was it couldn't actually fit in a little bit extra large gun extra. There's no way that original mat book Erica fit in anyways. So I went back did, oh, let's look at the original review from ten years ago. I was like I wonder I looked at the review it said, oh who wrote this turns out. It was me. I had no memory of this whatsoever. But if you wanna see me giant sideburns, you can see the video for that that we republished back in January for the actual tenth anniversary. So this is the first really really really substantial redesign in many years on this. And you know, what it looks and feels like the twelve inch macbook and teen inch macbook pro it's right in that family. Now, it is it's got the same butterfly keyboard, which is very shallow. Keyboard that giant touch the retina display with the much smaller Bethel's, you're still windows, laptops, with less benzel than this which is a little border between. We're this display ends and the ends. Mattock pretty good. Can we talk about the ports ports common? Oi. May there's only the two that's always it, isn't it. That's number one question. If it's a new MAC book, it's going to have USB ports. Thunderbolt three ports, but the really USB confusing to people stand technically the shape, right? And you can do power through this video data really anything just like on the current macbook pros. And frankly, a lot of high in windows, laptops, are USB only. Now, also, so it's not that crazy. The USB. See I'm not I don't have a huge issue because I know a lot of companies are moving to them. That's the features going. It's the fact that there's only two on one side they can do one on one. They couldn't figure on regular US food Jaffe lights, we should answer the question. That's the title of this podcast, though. Is it worth it? Is it worth the higher price tag everything about this air is new and improved for the most part much faster processor better track? Keyboard you could equivocate on screen much, much better lighter. So everything pretty much changed. Unfortunately, also changed is the price the air famously nine ninety nine for many many many years you could say going to save up for a couple months again, a MAC book air for college students a bit of a reach. But you could do it. Now. The starting price is eleven ninety nine which is frankly twenty percent Trump. That's big jump. And and it's it's no longer the automatic recommendation for let's say at college to or writer designers because it's that much more expensive and for one hundred dollars more, you could get either the twelve inch MAC book, which is less powerful, but more portable, and I actually like it a lot or the base model thirteen inch pro which is less portable. But power. What do you think is this worth? I think if you want a MAC book air, but you didn't want this old one. Yes, overall, it's a fantastic laptop. And if it was nine ninety nine I'd go out and buy one myself, right? This second ten ninety nine still pretty good once eight eleven ninety nine. Then it's then it's less of a of a blow out. All right. So let's talk about privacy effort. You've got a fascinating story on. How restaurants are clicking our data through these weightless apps. What's going on here? So if you've ever been a restaurant, and it's packed, and they say, you know, give us your phone number, and we'll send you a tax tables. Right. You can go go walk around the mall or something like that. While you're waiting for your table. If they're using an apt to automak automatically send you a taxed there's a good chance that there are some privacy. Implications come with that. So certain apps will keep your phone number for a certain amount of days at restaurants can take a look at other apps. They're able to share it with party marketers one. For example, open table is owned by kayak, which means that they're able to share it with all their different websites. So that's one example, yelp owns one called no way. And they say that they don't really do any marketing with your number. But they do keep it if you're using their app. Restaurants and malls. Or you're going to all the nicest ones all the fanciest ones. I live very. The best here, we do have malls here. They're rare. But there are malls in Brooklyn in Manhattan. You can call that Amalia herald square. Okay. The famous famously almost always empty Manhattan mall. Exactly. Yes. So. Is something that people should be worried about it depends. I mean, if you really don't care about, you know, your privacy, and you really just want the convenience of it. There's there doing this. So it's much more convenient for you. So that the next time you go to this restaurant. They'll know oh, this guy likes a seat by the window or something. I got it. Okay. A lot of it is done for the restaurant sake as well. So they know when their peak hours are how long people are waiting how long they should keep people waiting for without them wanting to leave or anything. So it is beneficial for restaurants. But you do also have to be mindful of your privacy. Right. Do you want to be a part of that experience? Just another example our slowly giveaway away all information, you need a restaurant at burner number could do that companion at that will give you a sixty minute phone number, and you can give them that. All right. So we're way over time for more on this chicken sound CNN. Roger Chan I'm outfitting, Dan Ackerman listening.

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