Premier League: Chelsea 2-2 Manchester United


Wow. Fun game to for bridge to to Chelsea Manchester. United Robbie Earle. I mean, where do we start? Let's start with your general thoughts of this football match festival. Rob I've got things to say in. You know England that brilliant win on Monday against Spain in the United Nations. But let me tell you something you can't beat the primarily sporting Drome of the high in guests who was the lead monta Ganley Josie Marino. And it was this early this morning what the game on my new usual notepad Manetti Saudi going to put the notepad down the axes knows in the detail in lineups in the tactics. I mean, leave most in Komotini you working on the show. I just going to watch this game as a kind of innocent till zither trying to find see if I can answer some questions and particularly looking at Monchy United and the questions the answer to me are the two months, just you know, I teach stem, he's a first off at new customer. I over Chelsea much. Didn't is a second Hoffman snotty two pool. Pocus? Disciplined sometimes doesn't know how these focus on. And then there's a guy who can get CVS can influence a game and become a much when these two sloppy goals, which are not consistent to Josie

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