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I consider that to be one of the nastiest most vulgar dirtiest things. In modern day sports history. There was that one incident? I believe it was the Brooklyn Dodgers got into a fight with the with the New York Yankees and somebody hit somebody over the head with a baseball bat. Obviously, that's disgusting in dirty on the emergency podcast, we talked about the Mike Tyson, the incident and a few other things, but I'm not going to go into it now not going to reiterate what we did on the emergency podcast on premium. That's why you should have premium, but it was a fantastic emergency. I am Rappaport stereo pot. 'cause that's, that's. I'm gonna leave it at that. It was fantastic. And I are typically that some of the Ila sucker shit that's ever been done in sports because I said it on the emergency pockets. And I will say this what Rondo did was some straight sucker shit. Number one. If you're gonna spit. Spit don't like sneaks pit number two, why the fucker you spitting. That's what I don't understand. Why the fuck are you spitting on the dude smack him, push them, punch them, but spitting in another man's facing. You know, this dude. The NBA guys, they all know each other. They play an all star games together. They've been on the same teams. There's all these MBA events that we see that we don't see and you're spitting on them. Now that's sucker asks shit later on in the poor stereo pockets coming up a very shortly, Joey, CoCo Diaz or attorney guests of the poor stereo pockets where we're gonna talk about spitting. I believe he has some strong theories on spitting when to spit when not to spit. But in a basketball game, there's just nothing I can't accept or support spitting on a mother fucker during a basketball game. Rondo was find, I think, three games, Brandon Ingram who people like, you know, acting like he's like, you know, LA's most notorious gang banger now because of his sucker punch on Chris. Paul. Again, I don't know why. Why would he did was was whack. He like he like Patty cake, pushed, James harden for no reason was James aren't in talking to you like push him, didn't move them and then you come back into the fray and you throw a sucker punch that didn't even land. So you see, you're getting suspended for throwing a phantom sucker punch daily person, I think, shouldn't be suspended his Chris Paul. He wound up getting two game suspension. Rondo got three games Ingram. Got. Four games and enough with that. It wasn't even like a big deal wasn't even a big fight. Crazy social media. Have you talking about little a little Patty cake little incident for a week, but we're moving on from that now..

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