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Both teams matching up this weekend coming off. Big Champions League ties this week influence. You just drew Manchester United in Manchester, so they'll be returning home study masala to play against Barcelona who will becoming off their midweek Champions League clash with Tottenham Hotspur in London. So notable game. They're something to look for Barcelona and Valencia. Both teams, two teams to the top clubs in Spain. Of course, I wanna needs no introduction of their own Real Madrid. They play Alvis should be an easy win for Real Madrid. Don't see too much there, but of course they need to score goals. Maybe they can get on track this weekend by putting a few in the back of the net against inferior opponent. Also in Italy. Now, we know Rinaldo was suspended for this week's clash in the Champions League, but he. He will return to the starting lineup assumingly. I am of course against Yudin Nessie Juventus has a chance here to build a off this match by Dobalina where he showed how classy is how good he is on the ball and how he can make things happen. Scoring goals, play making. It would be really nice to see him in. We're in all the pair up together, an attack opposing defenses. Of course, Juventus they don't lack ofensive firepower. They have guys like Manzu kitsch, Quadra toe. Other players who can definitely definitely strike fear and opponents. But let's be honest, if Rinaldo into bowl or scoring goals, if they're creating chances and they're both on form that is a nightmare for opposing defenses. So we'll be interesting to see. How'd you ve inches uses them if they'll use the bowl of top next to Rinaldo or if they'll have him play kind of underneath. To number ten attacking midfielder role. As for the soccer podcast for the week. I think we are off Inish here. I'm still a little bitter, but how you think the angel Anaheim in LA in Heim, whatever we're gonna get in this leader, we'll if you want to listen to us talking about baseball, turn into the baseball pockets on Wednesdays, and we do all types of sports on this podcast on in the mornings on Monday through Friday, and we'll, we'll see you tomorrow for tomorrow. We're doing the sports podcast, the football pockets, and then the basketball podcast. Yep. Check out those football basketball baseball. We do a total sports podcast, so be on the lookout for those. Of course, Markham signing off for today. See..

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