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Thirty live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. The director of the National Hurricane Center is warning Michael will likely cause catastrophic damage in the Florida panhandle the category. Four storm with top sustained winds of one hundred forty five miles per hour is less than eighty five miles west southwest of Appalachia cola. Florida's governor says those who did not avacuated. The coasts must now ride out the storm NPR's Windsor. Johnston says Michael is expected to make landfall this afternoon. Heavy rainfall from Michael is expected to produce damaging winds and flash flooding from the Florida panhandle and big bend region into portions of Georgia the Carolinas and southeast Virginia Federal Emergency Management agency. Administrator Brock long says those who stick around to experience storm surge don't typically live to tell about it. Unfortunately, forecasters say storm surge along Florida's Gulf Coast could reach thirteen feet. In some parts, Michael is poised to become the strongest hurricane to come ashore along the panhandle in recorded history Windsor, Johnston NPR news governor, Rick Scott, says thirty five hundred members of the Florida national guard are on standby Gulf power says crews are being brought in for more than a dozen states to deal with power outages. Georgia's governor is putting fifteen hundred national guard troops on standby because of hurricane Michael. The main bridge over the Savannah River linking the city with South Carolina is closed. This.

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