Channing Tatum Is Dating Singer Jessie J: 'It's Very New,' Source Says


Rate to people magazine yesterday and said there was nothing to break up from it was casual the day after she posted the story of him in the car were she's filming it next to him. And he's looking at elk and they're Yellowstone in Montana. Okay. So his this what they insider his publicist tells people there is nothing to spread from as it has been casual and he enjoyed being with her with her, but he's working on himself and being together with her at this time is not something that we're today he will date in the future. But for now is focuses on sobriety family and his next project. So what happened? Radar. Online calls this China, the twenty two year old and she says, they said, you know, we hear you and Ben have split up and just said that's not accurate. So she's coming in the back door taking her through the alley. You can't post anymore insta-. He's like Shana, maybe his publicist home to say this Shana. You've now got up to the magic Mark of one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Could make a nice living just doing turf sponsored posts a week twenty g's, exactly. And you're going to have to I'll still see, you know, we can still hang out where you're going to have to hide under a blanket in the back of the station wagon when and pulls in anywhere, right? And you can't post anything more about. Okay. So they're still doing it. But not publicly. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. I thought you said she said that she broke up with him. No, no, no, no. The break-up happened his people yesterday the day after her insist story. The day after talking about like, dude. Okay. You go to your ex wife's house who drove you to rehab who's been taking care of. You you go you get divorced in the next day you're spotted with your twenty two year old. Yeah. Ever had to hide in the carpet. She'll be fine. Maybe I'll get up to two hundred thousand dollars. You know, I don't know. But anyway, so there's still seeing each other. But his not out loud in any public way. Sharon, she's not allowed to use the social media sites to post anything. You can't do that. Then they're going to have a really for. Sure. Heartbreak out. Is quick to also she's in people in next week's people because she's got her show camping funny you guys. So funny. I think it's on HBO. I think spin off of a British show. Remember, the last spin off British show that we are so crazy about the Matt LeBlanc half hour episodes. That was a spin off a remake of a British. And that was one of our faith that is a show to watch and laugh and. In front of Hollywood and Matt LeBlanc plane himself anyway. So she was on with we share with less than oh Kimmel Kimmel. Yes. And she brought over a blueberry crumble. And it was just talked about food and faking it was, you know, nothing about peppermint. It was just about camping and organic farming, and she's just so baby food her baby food, but she's very infectious light fall to light. So of course, you know, no questions asked, but she's back in the dating pool. Poor he's going to date again. She's doing great. She's wanna be single. She's opened a dating. So, you know, the story spins publicists have been busy for three and a half years spinning their images. She's winning. Oh, yeah. I'm not a percent. Yeah. One hundred percent. Yes. What Ben's next what he has. I'll tell you. I think he does have some things in the works. But I mean, if he's filming anything right now, I will tell you. Yeah. All right toes. To find out. Brad, Pitt a source tells tell us he's got stuff happening. He does. Well, let's see he's filming city on hill, which is a TV series. And he's also been. Well, he's executive producer Justice league. Now, that's for twenty nine thousand nine he really has nothing in two thousand eighteen and then Torrance, but all that's film. He's producer producer producer Batman. He's a producer acting such a good for the prosecution, which I'm excited to see that was such a great movie producer on that original. Oh my gosh. That was a great production where you know. I bet all of Ben Affleck get an starring and witness for the prosecution Christie novel. Yeah, I just went into it. He's starring in that I think he's also starring in films now it's twenty nineteen. In Batman it stars. He's not directing it stars. Ben Affleck, Joe manganiello, Jeremy Irons, so that's being filmed next year too. So he's back at it. Two thousand eighteen off. Yeah, I guess. And then Brad Pitt's people have been busy have been insiders to people about that. You know, the gal he was with the other day. That's like a co star on the movie Twenty-three-year-old. Yeah, they're not dating. But they're very close. So they're just call like Ben Affleck and his lady. You know, they're they're not dating. But they're very close. I mean, it's it's such a laughably quaint it is way of. Putting it isn't like somebody can't we can't say her keenum to see that their close. They've seen each other with their clothes off. And she doesn't want to meet the kids. And so everybody's fine with that. You know what I mean? Right. Like why Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck have a lot of baggage. It's best to just be the girlfriend who is the season. Whenever it suits. You early so much baggage Perez who wants to meet the kids and all that crap. I don't think that they're not looking for here. So right. They're not looking for any any of that stuff know, what else do we know? Here's a show. No one asks for but apparently is coming to TV to TNT K. Wait. Wait, wait before you go there. Okay. Our TV commercial. The new Mitag commercial has aired last night during game whatever the last game of the series between the New York Yankees. And the Boston Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox were trolling the Yankees. What were they doing? We'll because the Yankees GM was a big we're the only ones who can really do damage to the Red Sox. And so there were just all these teams and stuff. Damage. So we're getting down to you know, getting down to this. The World Series. Seen it. I haven't seen the new one. We did a couple of things. Yeah. Nobody asks for a a live medical diagnosis show meets the view. Can you hear on everybody just clicking out their remotes? Maybe all the people like to Google their symptoms. This. There's the audience may over like it's going to be on TNT. It's a show where people get their ailments diagnosed by a panel of doctors enthusiastic audience. You

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