NFL: Trade deadline day outcomes


With the NFL trade deadline day. It's come and gone. The Texans traded forward to marry his Thomas from the Broncos going back. The other way a fourth round pick teams also swapping seventh rounders, of course, the Texans and Broncos play each other on Sunday. Meanwhile, the lions said traded golden Tate to Philadelphia Eagles free third round pick. Elsewhere. The ravens traded four Packers running back time on Gumri Rams are trading. A two thousand nineteen third round pick and a two thousand twenty fifth round pick to the Jaguars or defensive end Dante Fowler. Ha Clinton Dix has been traded to the Redskins Seahawks. Several east veteran receiver Brandon Marshall, Terrell Pryor looks like he's going to sign with the Buffalo Bills. Then rock was burger suffered a fractured left index finger that in Sunday's win over the Browns. He should be able to play

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