iPad Pro: The reviews are in!


Let's talk a little bit more about the reviews coming in for the ipad. Pro the new ipad pro from apple the reviews have been published because embargoes have been lifted Monday. It was a plethora of them and results somewhat mixed overall positive. So we'll highlight a few of the main points, the new design and slimmer Basil's got pretty high marks across the board as did the liquid liquid retina LCD's display, which many a publication said it was the best. I've had display ever the apple pencil to mostly applauded. Whereas the Washington Post said quote to one hundred thirty dollars apple pencil stylus available since the original also joined in the makeover and artists friend who Jimmy a quick illustration on the new probe with an app called procreate waved about it's increased responsiveness of the reviews there were some great. About-face ide- when holding the device, but tech radar said quotes, the good news is that the ipad pro eleven doesn't deed possess a half decent came around the back with the twelve megapixel sensor capable of taking more than acceptable, low light photos with rich enough detail when zoomed in the larger display does make a good view finder. And if you're doing something scientific or technical you'll have some good quality visual data to work with that was something that besides this sort of ha ha someone's taking a photo with their ipad at a concert type thing that the cameras were not totally up to snuff with smartphone cameras. So it sounds like if you're going to be using an ipad pro for this reason than CNN. It's it's it's good to have a camera that that is actually in the mix with the best of the best the big question. Everybody wants to know if this really is good as a laptop replacement and most of these reviews said that the processor was snappy. You could switch back and forth between apps really well. But the big downside is you're still in IOS. You still got a mobile browse. Sometimes when you click on links it opens an app, which is an ideal in a situation, and a lot of reviewers mentioned that they still needed to go to an actual to do certain things, especially in a work environment. I mean, David what do you make of all these different ipad pro reviews, or what do you think of the ipad pro? Well, my first response was the comment about the stylus. But I'm also interested talking about the the the sort of computer replacement one hundred thirty dollars stylus as I understand the new one did not work with version one in the version one stylist does not work with the current one at in just this pattern of a by the way that thing you bought very recently. It's now obsolete it what I I get a sensor is this like dominate tricks and submissive quality between apple and its customers. As in. You're going to buy this one hundred thirty dollars stylish, and you're going to love it whether you like it or not gonna thing and they're going to they're going to be irritated by it. But they're going to say. Thank you. We love it regardless because of the relationship that's built with apple. So that was kinda I take that. But that's not unlike a new ipad just having a really cool feature that older, I pads don't support it just happens. From the unit itself

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