Jared Halpern, Hillary Clinton Kerry And Sean Hannity discussed on Houston Morning News


Pointed out Trump's economic success four and a half million new American jobs, four point three million Americans off food stamps four million Americans out of poverty. Tune into Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity that starts at eleven AM every weekday right here on KTAR h right after Michael berry Democrats optimistic of a house takeover as election day has finally arrived. And here's FOX's Jared Halpern to win back a house majority lost in twenty ten Democrats need the net at least twenty three seats. The party of the president has lost house seats and eighteen of the last twenty mid-term elections with an average loss of thirty three seats democratic leaders have stressed healthcare messaging in the final weeks of the campaign. Republican leaders pushing strong economic measurements and border security more than two dozen Republicans are in districts that Hillary Clinton Kerry two years ago seven. Of those members are not running for reelection Jared Halpern. Fox news. Gimme Barrett knows one of my favorite expressions. But I'll just say you're beginning.

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