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Seventeen. Welcome back. College football today, the university of Indianapolis meeting William Jewell, forty one fourteen earlier in the day on a conversation with the head coach of the hands coach, Bob Bartolomeo. Here's that conversation. Big win this afternoon. They beat William Jewell forty one fourteen head coach of the hands. Bob Bartolomeo joins us. Coach. Congratulations on an impressive win today. Bob. It was a great great job by our football team. Coming off an off we can maintain that edge that sometimes you can get lost after we got on him earlier of thirty one seven and a half that took care all your fears about not coming out focused. Yeah. Yeah. Without a doubt. You know, we got we take a lot of pride in playing at home. And you know, we just try not to lose it home. And we've done a fairly good job of that recently. And you know, so that's where it starts. With also starts with your quarterback. Jake Perico another one of those days twelve twenty three three touchdowns two hundred sixty yards passing. Another Jake Perico day today. Yeah, he played. Well, you know, and again, he took what the defense gave them, you know. And as Jake would do he he put the ball on the money and Arbor students made some great great catches today. Also, well, you go two hundred sixty yards in the air one seventy five on the ground at has to make you happy without a doubt mckellar from Lawrence north at a big day. I think he was over one hundred yards. And you know, we had three backs that we've been rotating in there. But L took the bull by the horns, so to speak and at a great day, but Russian and when you can rush for that and throw for that, it's pretty balanced offense update also to you you pleased with how well you play defensively. Obviously a lot of that could do to the great job your offense did, but you I know you're happy about how you handled that side of the ball. Our defense played. Well, I think we set a record not quite sure yet was sacks. I think we had twelve sacks. Today. Believe it or not we got after their quarterback pretty pretty good there again tribute to the front four guys getting after that makes the defensive back coach. At night. And that's.

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