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Morning for the Dallas Fort Worth area. The flood waters from the storm system swept a man from a bridge to his death Arlington fire department. Lieutenant Mike Joyner says the body of the twenty four year old man who was swept into a creek near the university of Texas local campus on Friday night. What recovered early Saturday? The Dallas fire department says several people were rescued from the rising waters, including five Dallas police officers at a motorist the officers became trap while trying to rescue the driver this girl caught or cartels NBC five hyperventilate and just like feel like I was going to die is when I felt the water rising up to my feet. I was a felt insane. Police in mesquite have arrested a twenty six year old man on a capital murder charge after a young child who is left in this carrot died. Authorities say they were called to a home where the three. Year old boy was found unresponsive the child taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. After suffering numerous internal injuries mythology say the child was being watched by his mother's boyfriend identified as Warren Kuni court documents show, search warrants have been issued for video from addresses near the apartment complex or white. Dallas police officer killed her black neighbor inside his home this month. The search warrants are tied to the death of Twenty-six-year-old Botham, John who was fatally shot inside his apartment September six. Why off-duty Dallas officer Ambra Geiger? She told investigators she mistook John's apartment for her own Geiger is free on bond after being booked September. Ninth on a preliminary charge of manslaughter.

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