Ariana Grande Almost Slips During 'thank u, next' Performance

Ellen on the Go


Arianna. Grandes crew hired a wedding planner to build a wedding set, a frail wedding says was unbelievable. It was a crazy performance. Yeah. Those cool during the performance is pretty cool. She only did two passes of it. No prompter. Lot of words. No prompter in rehearsal. They only did two passes of it. And then during the actual pass with the audience she stumbled a little bit like she gets up on a chair at one point. You have to watch. It's on your DVR. Is you have to watch it on the show? Let's play a little clip of it. Let's here's a little thirty second clip of listen to the first verse of Arianna song. Thank you. She gets up on a chair, and she kind of falls a little bit and recovers laughs in the song with the two with two singers on with her finishes it and because we are not live. We say if you want you can do it again, we think it's kinda sweet and genuine moment fun. And I like I'm good each time in rehearsal when she stood on that chair. I was like why is she getting on the chair? She's got these incredibly high heeled boots on a rickety. A wedding chair. Yeah. But it was really sweet. And at the end of the song, she does a little Oma to her favorite movie, which was the first wives club.

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