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Approaching two eighty there was an accident reported hen lots of stop and go back down towards route seventy eight to eighty on the slow side both ways towards route twenty one in Newark. And the southbound side of the Parkway also busy as you head back down towards one forty five. We still that crash on the turnpike. Northbound truck lanes approaching exit fifteen a left lane closure traffic backs up to interchange. Fourteen and construction delays continue in Raritan this afternoon. Northbound onto to you've got one lane knocked out between mill town road and first avenue also getting word of a crash in Tom's river route nine northbound approaching witty road and the Raritan valley line train service subject to fifteen minutes as both ways as to track maintenance near Newark across the Hudson. Ten to fifteen at the Lincoln just five at the Holland. Jeff Rome, New Jersey traffic north Pristina south, oh, New Jersey traffic south onto ninety five northbound side right by the area of six fifty six in west stepford. This is exit nineteen the off ramp is blocked dealing with a crash. It's in the process of. Being cleared away. Also, fifty five northbound moving into the area of Glasgow exit forty eight that's going to be route six forty one jams up here, we have a crash involving an overturned vehicle. The right lanes blocked, and it's actually a dump truck that flipped so we're dealing with a lot of emergency activity. Absolutely a place you should be avoiding and route one thirty northbound right by route forty two was stalled out tractor trailer has just been cleared away a little while ago. Traffic every fifteen minutes next report the four eighteen from the raycatena dot com traffic deaths New Jersey when a one point five and traffic made possible by Ford's jewelers since nineteen seventy-one. Barry Berman affords jewelers has offered customers one of the largest areas. So quality jewelry watch and gifts collections in the area. All under one roof. If you haven't seen the store you should for information. Visit Ford's jewelers dot com. On Wall Street, the Dow closed down.

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