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Jersey one at one point five instant weather. It felt a bit winter out there today with the cold temperatures barely into the lower forties this afternoon. Lots of clouds little bit of sunshine. We do have a winter storm on the horizon for tomorrow, but overnight things stay quiet. It's going to get very cold. Most lows in the mid twenty s across the state with increasing clouds wintry. Mix becomes likely tomorrow me move into south jersey in the morning. But the worst part of the storm looks to be about midday through early evening. So from about one time to dinnertime tomorrow things are gonna get sloppy and slippery for most of the state, snow and sleet changing to freezing rain that eventually going to all rain along the jersey shore and in south jersey, it's really going to be a wet day and not really wintery for most of the state an inch. Maybe two of slushy snow accumulation and light icing could be a bit more than that to the north and west minor to moderate coastal flooding expected things will wrap up with one more round of mostly rain Friday morning from the Edison heating and cooling weather desk. I'm chief meteorologist Dan's arrow in Flemington is thirty. Seven Winslow forty-two, Springfield thirty nine. Fast, traffic and instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one zero one point five..

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