Violence plagued West Virginia prison before Bulger killing


Was in a wheelchair when he was attacked at Hazelton prison in West Virginia that he was beaten beyond recognition with a padlock stuffed inside a sock. The times citing a law enforcement source not directly related to the case reports Bulger's is appear to have been dislodged from his head that it's not clear whether his attackers gouged out his eyes or if they were knocked out because he. Was beaten so severely. Frankly. Why do you went out the way that he lived? I mean that is what he did to his victims. He was vicious. He strangled. He was convicted of strangling a woman, and then he would go upstairs and take a nap while his friends buried her body. The attorney for an inmate at Hazelton photos. Freddie, Jesus tell CNN tonight he believes his client as a suspect in Bolger's grisly murder. Lander standing is that he is in solitary confinement. He's in the segregation unit at Hazelton because he's under investigation for him being involved in this Jesus is a mafia hitman from west Springfield, Massachusetts. And was convicted for murdering a boss in the notorious Genevieve's crime family as well as an associate this Jia, certainly did not like informers he's doing to lay sentences because some very close decided to become an informer and going back and I've visiting Mr. Jesus from the better part of two decades. Now, he'd had a particular distasted and Bolger was a well known informant. Investigators said that for years before a corrupt FBI agent tipped him off depending. Charges against him. Bolger gave the F B I information on rival mobsters. He was leading south. Boston's violent winter hill gang at the time. Why do you someone who is truly a gangster an associate Pathak murderer? That's what he was. He's someone that sold out his colleagues to law enforcement to get advantages for himself Bolger's exploits as a murderous gangster and an FBI informant with picked it in the popular hit movies. The departed man as lack mass were Johnny Depp, played Bolger, John, Geno. What I did eight rand Jimmy. It's alliance alliance between the FBI between you and me. Ultimately, a jury found Whitey Bolger culpable of eleven killings between nineteen seventy three and nineteen ninety-five tonight. The attorney who represented the family of a woman who was strangled by Bolger says he doesn't believe they're taking pleasure in Bulger's murder. There is such loathing Bolger. And for what he did. Did with his murders. His drugs is corruption that obviously he's not a person that engenders many feelings of sympathy from anyone, but there are many serious questions tonight regarding the circumstances at Hazelton prison, which according to his lawyer inmate, Freddie, jeez said was very violent place. Why was Whitey Bolger? A high profile inmate a notorious informant placed in the general population of that prison when he arrived just the day before his murder CNN tried multiple times to get answers to that. From the Federal Bureau of prisons a spokesperson for the bureau told us, they could not comment because the matter is under investigation wolf and Brian. There's disturbing new information about patterns of violence and chaos at the prison that federal prison in West Virginia. That's right wolf, the New York Times did a big investigation recently reported that the Hazelton prison was routinely, understaffed overwhelmed. The times report says they've been short on guards since two thousand sixteen and that there were two hundred seventy five violent episodes there. Just last year, including fights among inmates and attacks on staff, the bureau, prisons has not commented when we have inquired about all of that. Brian Todd reporting for us. Thank you coming up. There's breaking news an Email exchange from the peak of the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign shows longtime Trump ally, Roger stone wasn't touched with the highest level of the Trump campaign about the WikiLeaks release of democratic emails stolen by Russia. Is there a collusion case for the special counsel, Robert Muller? Are you interested in learning how enterprise scale companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility than download the voices of search podcast from the heart of Silicon Valley here? Search

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