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AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours dreary weather, dreary conditions on the roadways as well. Here's marina. Absolutely. We have a disabled vehicle eastbound I ninety. Just past the mount Baker tunnel. So it's on the east end of the tunnel that makes for stop and go traffic has the right lane is blocked. It's blocking right near the west high-rise. We also have southbound highway ninety nine Mercer a car and a bus collided. So the right lane is blocked. We still have stop and go traffic from Aloha street in magnolia on Thorndike avenue crash happened that involve fatality the roadway has closed to drivers both directions between Crockett and twenty second long-term investigation. You are advised to avoid that stretch of Thorndike bus services have been rerouted through their Tukwila area. Northbound four zero five just past the valley highway x number one the left lane is blocked with a crash. So we have stop and go traffic from Southcenter boulevard, and that makes it tough to exit from I five.

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