First flying cars land next year, claim makers


The world's first flying car is set to go on the market with a presale scheduled to begin next month. Really? Yeah. Think about how cool. This would be the skit by major news. I haven't seen this in the the first of two seat hybrid electric vehicles. This sounds like an eland must kind of thing doesn't it? Yeah. Which by the way, I don't know if you saw this. He he's been ousted as the chairman saw that of tesla of his company and his stock went up as soon as he got dumped. That's not a good side. Loops but the good news for him. He just signed a CEO of Papa John's. Anyway. So this the first of two seat hybrid electric vehicle can switch between driving and flying modes in less than a minute will be delivered to customers next year. According to the manufacturer terrified Zsa which belongs to the parent company of oh, the transition can fly up to four hundred miles at top speed of one hundred miles an hour. That's pretty pretty cool. The prices not yet been determined. But preliminary sales of the first of the pioneer remodels beginning October, according to a news agency in China recent improvements of the vehicle that included a hybrid electric, motor upgraded seats, more luggage, sto storage, improved seatbelts and airbags. That kind of thing airbags crash into this in the sky. I'm looking at the pictures for this thing. Yeah. That is not a pretty vehicle. Who cares? Bye, listen, there's going to be pretty I'm looking at some that can drive to work in a couple of minutes. How high will it go? I mean, how does it fly because radically if it's high enough it could the air aircraft has foldout wings weighing roughly six hundred kilograms because I guess this is a overseas thing as fixed loading sorry. Landing gear can fly to a maximum altitude of ten thousand feet. Wow. Theoretically crash into another plane, right? Wow. So you're gonna have to get some sort of FDA clearance to drive this thing to get into the approach to an airport. You could be in some big Trump. Right. That's probably one of the reasons why it hasn't taken off yet. No pun intended. Seriously because that he could be

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