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One entrepreneur today that every marketer should be modeling like one. I it's Conoco's. Yeah. I'm hot. Yeah. It's interesting. I guess, you know, the about that the quiet in particular is about modeling, you know, by now businesses in telecommunications industry back here in a strike. You know, got a commerce businesses the fine system business with got to carry a I think AT and T Mola comical a bunch of businesses different areas, but all in telecommunication spice of the book can kites and all that sort of stuff really's about what we're actually doing it businesses, and what's actually discovered with lamb with implemented with swathed pivoted. So it's it's very much a a practical by sort of story book than is sort of that kind of business sitting Sar many office these days. Fierce than actual practitioners, and I had to that signed it, but the tormented wrong, but I find it really incongruent that if you if you believe in the stuff at leverage and systems and tames and lots of stuff. Well, why are you selling you'll taunt for money selling books? What you have your businesses way real leverage in real comes from. And that's kind of always going to be my focus in Spain. And the books no sort of things I'm more of a by product to try to help share. So the full quite as NAS. It's about modeling just listening to it's a slight word China. But. Oh, I'm really proud of that. Well, what is going to continue on in wall Sakari savvy business, Mike 'cause you? Now, how cool is that savvy marketing strategist? Wow. And again, I mean, you're you're stepping into my world in into into my space 'bout about marketing for years people referred to me as a Queen of marketing and. I just love to do. And you could probably sure will agree to this. That marketers especially entrepreneurs of people early in the game. What it is like the last thing that they think about. Yeah. Unfortunately. Yes. Yes. I got this great product. And I know what I'm gonna do. And or our write a book have so many clients that come to me, and they'll say, I just wrote this book. Okay. Where is it? Well, it's it's sitting in my mile officer on my computer might do is put it out. We I wanna give it to a publisher. Okay. Well, how are we go? How are we going to do that? How we go into market and sell it. That's the number one question that they ask and ninety nine point nine percent. I get on mil. Yeah. Tired of the I think the way with always consider that business is I cells marketing company that happens to be in tow card or happens to be calmer stole head of Vos in a catering business for wall an outdoor rate house. Oh, and every single business or industry of ever Bain volved in as a business owner and entrepreneur, it's sows a marketing, I is that that's the core driver of business, and that's been massively successful fors at it is cool. Some massive he cups to Sikanda led to what tied into us in the story tells so it's it's each to Saud's to the coin yet. I think a lot of people sit a mocking at all. And that I think is familiar the loss lot of any business and is a life flood. So let's put let's put our listeners minded as the one the betas hurdles challenges they see with that. They see dollar signs, and they think, oh, I'm going to have to spend a lot. Of money on marketing. And I just don't have that. So share with them why it's important, and why whatever dollars it is that they do spend isn't as enormous as they think, and it's the best investment that they can do business question. A question. I think there's a couple of things I think what a lot of people think is when I think about marketing the think about it's getting you lights, and he kind of on the oscillate the photo of boxing true, getting new people to walk in the door their rate house, stole coal op, whatever. Not yet really the end of the die. No matter. What business you have really seven drive as profit and h seven areas, you doing marketing to increase that area, which then draws into the bottom line profit of your business, and some of the stuff you doing doesn't have to be costly lay generation marketing marketing ca touch everything from getting clots come back and buy from you again, Why's twin Krisha autumn's per se..

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