Clashes as migrants try to storm US border

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Border patrol now. Firing tear-gas shows some migrants try to make a break for the US. Jane Metzler, Fox News. It was not unexpected some migrants from that care of them. Now stuck in Tijuana tried to breach a border fence and US border patrol agents responded, Robert Perez deputy Commissioner of customs and border patrol operates caravan, and this phenomenon and how it's manifested itself is absolutely unique to anything that we hadn't seen in the past the mere size of the group of this caravan and the violence that has been perpetuated across international borders on NBC's, meet the press democrat Elijah Cummings who takes over as chairman of the house oversight committee blames President Trump for exacerbating matters system has worked for a long time. This president has come in wants to change it. That's that's up to them. But now, the congress has got to stand up, and hopefully they will it's on. Unclear whether Mexico's incoming government has agreed to allow the migrants to remain in that country until their applications for asylum

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