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This weekend? Here's your box office preview out this weekend is fantastic beasts crimes and Grindelwald wall. The second film and JK Rollings fantastic beasts series in this installment, the title wizard escapes and reassembles his followers with the goal of wizards and witches ruling over all mortal creatures it's up to Dumbledore and his former student to fight this threat to all of mankind. This fantasy adventure stars Eddie red main Katherine Waterston has Remillard Zoe Kravitz Jude law, and Johnny Depp. Based on a British TV series of the same name as widows and on some Ohio. Phil go ridden by gun rose, Gillian Flynn. The film follows the aftermath of a caper gone bad resulting in the deaths of the four would be thieves. Now, they're widow seek to follow in their footsteps and pull off the perfect crime. Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell, Jacki Weaver, Robert Duvall and William Niessen star. And Mark Wahlberg and rose Byrne team up in the comedy instant family. They play a couple who'd. Decides to adopt but finds themselves as guardians of three unruly siblings. Is they get a crash course in parenting, Margo Martindale. Julie Hagerty and Octavia Spencer also star still in theaters Grinch bohemian rhapsody overlord, the nutcracker in the four realms

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