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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine Herbst on the Senate floor this afternoon. Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins took away any doubt on where she stood on supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh saying she will vote to confirm him Collins says she did find Christine Blasi Ford's testimony compelling, but she says without corroborating evidence, the allegations of sexual assault should not prevent his confirmation. I do not believe that these charges can fairly per bed. Judge cabinet from serving on the court Collins also praised Kavanagh's judicial record saying he received rave reviews for his twelve year track as a judge and West Virginia democratic Senator Joe Manchin says he also will vote to confirm cavenaugh. Meanwhile, President Trump says he is very proud that the US Senate caster procedural vote this morning. Moving cavenaugh one step closer to confirmation as NPR's. Scott Horsely reports the final Senate vote is expected this weekend. The president's nominee cleared. Friday's vote by a narrow margin fifty one forty nine leaving some suspense over the final outcome. But with Republicans swing boats. Susan Collins Jeff flake announcing their support for cavenaugh. He appears to have the backing he needs for confirmation. At least that's the hope of White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders. Off has demonstrated exactly what you would want out of a supreme court Justice. He's done that over the last several months, and I think that moving into the weekend, we certainly hope that the Senate will vote.

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