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Wanted to visit because it wasn't unreached people group that had a long history of violence, and he wanted to be able to share Jesus with them. The people who live on the island have a history of attacking strangers Stabers has Chow had visited the island twice before. He was killed the fisherman who took him to the island of now Ben arrested as part of the murder investigation. This coming Sunday, November twenty fifth has been proclaimed international day for the elimination of violence against women. Ted waiter and Commissioner Amanda Fritz introduced the proclamation before city council particularly face with the protests that we had last week at the him to ridiculousness this many different ways to protest and to stand up to people who are doing bad things. And this is one of the day is to raise awareness about violence against women locally and globally. According to the UN one in three women experience violence during their lifetime in Multnomah county. One out of every seven women was physically abused by an intimate partner and over twenty thousand children were exposed to domestic violence and just the last. The Morrison bridge will be eliminated in orange Sunday night to Mark the event along with other landmarks around the world a Hillsborough boy scout troop had its freighter hit by thieves troop leader. Brian Blaisdell tells KTAR news thieves stole fifteen hundred dollars for the camping gear scouts do a lot of good with Kennedy and and taking things from us. Inhibits our ability to help these these boys have a good program, boys and girls neighbors pitched into donate. Some camping gear Blaisdell says they'll have to raise money to buy new equipment to replace what was stolen at the Macy's parade in New York City. The balloons have been cleared for takeoff this morning, but ABC's Aaron Katersky says the cold is the big problem feels like it's in the single digits in it's gonna stay that way throughout the parade. Tough. If you have to blow into a tuba as part of the Ohio.

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