Thanksgiving: Prepare for the busiest travel time of the year


Was traveling today were you traveling Allen. No, actually, I tried to rent a car, and there was no way to rent a car, and they wanted to charge me five hundred dollars. So I cancelled it. Oh, good for you. So where are you spending thanksgiving week weekend? Well, I'm sending it up in New York state where my family and actually I've been New York City right now. Where there's a lot going on. What can I say? By the way. No, I've not begin. I do eat fish. But I had a pet Turkey named Pablo which is Turkey in Spanish, and he broke my nose when he tried to a way after I was talking and kissing. Only you Ellen. I love it that after he Africa back. I had my nose fix, obviously. And then he died a natural death. And then I had impact determined and he lives at the bottom of my stairs in lily, Dale, New York, which of course, dead people are too should come into your radio show from Idaho. I know I really wanna do it there because I've read stories about it, you know, about it. And I am we're going to make that happen. I want to come and do that. I wanna do that for the listeners would love. And of course, then you can meet Pablo. I I like it. We're gonna make it happen. I promise you that's going to be my twenty nineteen. So we're going to do that. So in Washington, the big story, but really reverberating outside of Washington is President Trump and the criticism of you know, the rare criticism of supreme court chief Justice John Roberts. And believe that Robert Kennedy. Well, what he basically said Robert Justice what Trump tweeted out back. In fact, there was a Obama judge and the ninth circuit that permit. Compare very very tough on migration cetera. So then John Roberts says we don't have. And he's the chief Justice was Republican was appointed by Republican. And he basically said, hey, we have Clinton charges. We don't have Bush judges. We don't have Obama judges. And we don't have Trump judges. We have just judges. And then President Trump tweeted out again. Yes, we do have judges that are one of those four. And I mean, this is just a war. You do not make war with the chief Justice seem state. Yeah. That was really surprising. I think we've seen the last of that. I mean, even you know Chuck Grassley tried to defend the president's saying, you know, why did Roberts rebuke Obama's remark. Why didn't he do that? He was trying to say he didn't do that before with Obama, and he made a comment, but I think that's much different. It is much different. And it's going to. I mean, this is to go down in the history books. Thanksgiving. But because nobody can believe that Roberts issued that statement. I mean, it was just unbelievable. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I agree. And then how about this story? Then this other story that's getting a lot of attention is the president praising the Saudis for the low world oil prices. Oh my gosh. So as you know, he has just let the Saudis off the hook in terms thicker, show key Kelly. And. Basically, he said, listen, if we don't sell the Saudis things they're going to buy it from Russia and China that might be true. But as you remember, we have had former presidents like Carter who actually put human rights. I was roundly criticized for that. But President Trump is being criticized for not putting human rights at all in context. Yeah. Wow. I don't think we've heard the last of this whole Saudi thing either. This is just kind of a tipping point. There may be much more. That happens down the line only that and I'll tell you I was against of the Saudi Arabian government after nine eleven along with them up a talk show host, and they took us to a party on the Red Sea. I've never seen so much alcohol in my entire life. Drink it. Yeah. I've heard similar things. So that's not shocking to me. Let's put it that way. In the meantime, here's the big thing. Because there you are in in. New York City and so much conversation about the weather. What is the temperature like in the east coast is like what one degrading very very cold, very cold. Yeah. Not a great for parades. A not a and it's supposed to be very windy or the Macy's day parade. Very windy, and you know, we have seen balloons get blown about. But the wind is supposed to be staggering which would be just in a few hours. Wow. Crazy, and you and I talked about Nancy Pelosi. And now there's the story that Marcia fudge is not running to oppose Pelosi because that was. Title, Marcia fudge is a congresswoman from the great state of Ohio, which is where I'm from. And basically she met with Nancy Pelosi. She was going to run against her and then Pelosi has revived a committee on voting and she's putting Marcia fudge in charge. And Marcia fudge, Dan is not going to run against Nancy Pelosi. Now, Nancy Pelosi needs to hundred eighteen votes to be the speaker. She would just make it may be. But if she doesn't they're probably going to change it wolf. Wow. Crazy. Have a great thanksgiving holiday, and thanks so much Ellen. Thank you. All right, lily, Dale. It is in my future lily, Dale for those of you who don't know there's been documentaries on it on this this town, and it's an interesting place. It's the world's largest center for the religion of spiritualism. Basically, there's fifty mediums there. There's education and workshops on healing and personal growth and all kinds of things, and it was a place that was incorporated back in the late

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