'Creed II' is a direct sequel to 'Rocky IV'

The Big Picture


Director Steven cable junior to talk about the sequel to Ryan Koukoulas twenty fifteen installment in the rocky franchise creed to is about Donna's creed. Now a championship boxer and his mental rocky Balboa, but it's also about Rockies nemesis from rocky four Ivan Drago and Ivan son, Victor, it's a movie about fathers and sons legacy. And what happens when you're no longer the underdog. I talked to cable junior about what he learned from Sylvester Stallone how to rebuild the drug with storyline and making his own way in a complicated. Franchise. Your Stephen cable junior. I'm joined today by Stephen capable junior. Steven thanks for coming in. Thanks for having me, man. Stephen you directed creed to how did this happen for you a question. No, we I was writing my own script in. I was working on TV show called Greenwich. When I got the call. You know, what I mean, I I did not have greed to went on on a slate or anything like that it just kind of came out of nowhere. And how it happened was a guest MGM has saw my feature film the land in Ryan coup has suggested that a look into because he was don't buy Panthera time and got a call. These guys are spotted sly has oughta peace Michael Jordan has everybody felt comfortable and good about it and didn't necessarily have to pitch myself interesting. So you don't have to come in and say, here's my vigil. I definitely did say here's a vision. I have because I got the script Innis from sly in sly had wrote a draft that had a basic foundation of everything, but he felt like. He wanted to dive deeper into Donald his life, and he wanted to Tesla's, and then we're still playing with the draw goes. And so when I got the script it was like, our has some ideas, you know, when I pitched it to them, they're like while the these work, and it's the stuff that you'll see a lot in a film when I'll spoiling it because I don't know when this comes out doors, we won't be so. Yeah. But so tell me a little bit about your relationship to the rocky franchise where you were you all in as a kid, or is it something that was sort of new to get started doing? No, not at all. I don't know who has not seen entire rocky franchises. Like once in a while here. Somebody says they haven't and I'm might complete shock like you haven't seen rocky. What I was a kid as a kid. I I guess I'm considering young. But I saw the first one I saw was rocky five. Oh, wow. That was the first one thousand first one I saw that's not a great place to start. Everyone keeps the today. Right. Everybody keeps saying that in. And again, I I understand why I guess as a filmmaker. And you know, being who I am now where I'm at. But when you're like six years old watching like rocky five and you see Tommy gun in boxing and people industries. That thing was cool. I mean, it was just cool to me then when I went back backwards. So now start to go to first one then second now that stuff and then when I did I played sports. I was basketball player. So obviously sex is huge sports connection growing up. So throwing my teenage years. It was just about like motivation. I love to underdog story, but around seventeen eighteen, you know, nineteen starting to go to college starting to look into film taken more seriously. That's when I started appreciate a four. What it is. Are you thought sly and what they rocky one which is my favorite one was fascinating man thought it was bowl. They try some really cool things in there. And I was like, wow, you know, a flawed character. Who's not like put here pushback super suave? He stuttering he's doing this. He felt human, you know, and I'm like, oh, that's why I felt so connected to this character, you know. So I thought that was really cool you had this unusual burden with this movie where you have the legacy of the rocky franchise, and then you also have the burden of creed.

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