Underwear choice takes a toll on sperm counts


I drink a glass of water just to surprise my liver like that one. And then here's saying from cave man to man cave and just two million years. Hey, that's evolution for you. Oh, I like this one t-shirt says I survived the sixties twice once in the sixty in the nineteen sixties. And now, I'm in my sixties. Okay. Well, that's a good thing. You survived it twice. Okay. And then here's a spoof product. I thought I'd combined our weekly hair today segment with our funny bone pharmacy. So here's the world's first hair comb with a credit limit. It's called what else credit comb, and I got describe this here since we are on radio and TV, but it's a picture of credit card with the teeth that are cut out of the top of the card. So the the plastic of the credit card has. It's like the edge of a comb. So they're saying that space is way too tight and today's crowded wallets for single purpose anything's, that's why we added value and haircare functionality to the standard credit card with a dual purpose credit comb. You can charge your purchases and still keep that welcomed. Look both at the same time. Okay. Maybe it could you could also charge your hair with some static electricity. That will give you a real charge. If you will and speaking of hair, the castration cure for baldness. There's no known cure for male pattern baldness, which will leave you with testes intact. As baldness relies upon the male, testicular hormone testosterone. Well, castration is the only answer the side effects of castration, however, include loss of body hair other than your head a false, set voice, a tendency to obesity, insomnia, a weak bladder and poor eyesight. So not such. A good trade off. I think I'll risk having that chrome dome. Thank you. Okay. All right. And we still have a few minutes before our guest, rob Martin. So let's go into some fast facts for you nine hundred ten calories. That's the average number of weekly calories. People consume from free food at work. Wow. Almost a thousand calories a week. Thank you about it. Folks. That's over a pound of fat a month or one pound of body fat has about thirty five hundred calories. So here consuming more than a pound of extra body fat, or you know, extra calories that can result in a twelve pounds a year just from that free food at work in the lunchroom. So be aware of that. Here's the downside of protein muscle food. You know, it's known as muscle food, and we needed it's essential. We can't live without protein. But middle aged guys might wanna think twice about how much they eat this from the American Heart Association. New study published in the journal fellow thousand. Thousand men ages forty to sixty for twenty two years and found that those who consume the most protein at a high a slightly increased risk of heart failure. Now, the source of the protein Matt animal protein was associated with a forty three percent higher risk while dairy bumped up to forty nine percent, however, eating plant protein was associated only with a seventy percent elevated risk now, the only this is interesting. The only protein sources not linked to an increased risk of heart failure actually to animal protein sources it was fish and eggs interesting. I remember new Jacqueline for over thirty years. And that you know, he didn't eat any meat, but he did eat egg whites, and he ate fish every night for dinner. So when he lived to ninety six all right? Okay. Are anti anti tap culmination of tech and tip is no are anti tech. Tip of the week comes from a comment that someone made on Twitter and said apple has released thirteen hundred excuse me, three hundred new emojis. Even ancient Egyptians were like guys. You know, we have words now. Right. Petroglyphs are ancient scrolling or scrawling pictures from Egypt's entombs. That's funny. Anyway, emojis isn't that an oxymoron, I mean? They don't really convey all the nuances and inflections in emotions, which is why they're called emojis that you could otherwise communicate with words either spoken or written. So don't cop out pick up the phone or pay a visit to your friend or whoever you're trying to communicate with. Okay, all right and one more item. And we'll have our guest in just a brief moment or two. Adding a little green will make you healthier indoors. Great way to bring the outdoors inside. You know face it, even here in Hawaii where we broadcast from where he spend most of our lives and doors average person sometimes up to ninety percent and seventy percent of us have work in an office as far as our careers. So it's good good idea to bring some nature into your office. Make sure you're not the only one living. Excuse me. Make sure you're not the only living thing in the space that you're in so bring another living thing since as a plant inside. I always have an orchid blending orchid in my living room and really adds to ambiance to gives me a nice feeling. So, but you know, whatever your favorite plant tour flowers, and that's a good tip of the week. Okay. All right. We'll be back after this brief message or two and we'll be back with more information for your health. We're gonna talk about some of the things that can keep you healthy to fight the ultimate disease aging talk to health expert, rob Martin who contends that aging is the master disease. We'll talk about how to conquer it. And some things you can do to defeat it, right? After this as Dr off continues. I'm David snow here on doctor health radio.

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