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Donna. But the thing that's most Florida about this is what could possibly be this guy's motivation. He hates ceramics. That's pretty weird hold my beer. A Florida police officer charged with selling drugs right out of his squad car bonafide police department located in the Florida, panhandle. An officer is reported to have been arrested for selling opioids out of his marked squad car while in uniform. If these are the cops that explains a lot it gets worse. Homa beer beer. Alabama police chief allegedly fondled himself in front of girls in Panama City beach, guys names, Billy four counts of disorderly conduct. And he's said some resort just run around with his hands down, his pants Serna chicks. But here it is again, a guy who in his home state is a pillar of the community. He's literally the police chief goes, the Florida turns into a monster. And I think the worst for last here, hold the bear. Our final installment on Florida's stories. We're going down to Stuart Florida. And just as interesting as the story itself is the reporting on the story. Let me read you the headline from treasure coast, newspapers smoking device extracted from place where sun doesn't shine. It's literally in the headline listen to the first paragraph here a woman accused of pulling a smoking device from a place not often associated with smoking was arrested. According to an affidavit about two AM police went to some apartments on a call for women fighting. The woman is reported to have been seeing pulling down her shorts. And the report says she's fifty.

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