What we know about the 10 potential pipe bombs sent to De Niro, Biden, Clinton, Obama


Of state Hillary Clinton CNN and others on Monday. A bomb was mailed or a package a suspicious package was mailed to a key Democratic Party donor. None of the bombs detonated. No, one was hurt a day after this rash of attempted bombings. President Trump on Twitter blamed what he called. Mainstream media and fake news for escalating anger in our society. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, told Fox News the focus should not be on Trump's reaction to the situation. Look the president. I think could not have been more presidential yesterday. When he spoke directly to the American people. It condemn this violence. Let's not get lost. And who is responsible for this heinous act? It is the person who made and sent the suspicious packages anytime the former head of the Philadelphia ATF thinks the serial bomber used crude methods to construct for the vices. Steve tower has more on that point of view Samra body anti-state some of the strategies his former colleagues at various federal agencies will employ forensically to analyze the devices while retracing the steps of the suspect how the device was transferred from the bomber to either call your service male facility, or if it was in fact, hand delivered robotic who spent twenty five years, the ATF was special agent in charge of the Philadelphia field office from two thousand thirteen until his retirement last year says the construction of the devices lack sophistication, I believe that the intent of the bomber may have been to cause alarm and fear the publicity from the coverage of the events having said that he says they could have caused harm if detonated Steve Taiwa KYW. Newsradio employees stay with us for continuing updates along with live coverage of a briefing from the FBI and authorities in New York on the latest developments tied to this rash of serial bombings. Our coverage begins about thirty

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