Missing teen located in Mexico, 45-year-old man arrested, authorities say


The sixteen year old pennsylvania girl who disappeared more than two weeks ago after taking a one way flight to mexico with a married forty five year old friend of the family has been found someone on the flight to cancun that recognize them when they got back home they saw their faces on the news and it was that passenger that then alerted authorities that he thought they were in mexico correspondent jeanne kosovars is the two were flown to miami where kevin esther lee was taken into custody and amy you was flown back to her family in allentown a road rage murderers being sought by police differ township new jersey investigators are looking for a pickup truck the image of which was captured on surveillance video police say the driver of that truck slashed the face of joseph perry who later died and pressure is mounting on facebook to come forward and explained who knew what about britain base data firm with ties to the trump campaign this comes on the heels of a new york times report that said cambridge analytica collected personal data from fifty million facebook users without their approval members of congress are voicing concerns senator jeff flake republican from arizona spoke out on cnn state of the union this is a big deal when you have that amount of data and the privacy violations there are significant facebook has suspended cambridge analytica for violating the social media sites policies claiming the company obtained user data and then did not destroy it when requested the company denies any wrongdoing marlins maderas washington i'm bill rosie on seventy seven wabc where new york comes to talk bill evans says seconds i this check on traffic from the raycatena dot com traffic center i'm graham mitchell heading south on.

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