US probes 4 deaths in Hyundai-Kia cars when air bags failed


To help fight the ohio opioid epidemic ice officials held a press conference anthony university of dayton on friday and called ohio ground zero is deputy director thomas home and says what they do in ohio will be a model for what they'll do in the rest of the country he says they are significantly increasing the number of agents in the buckeye state and opening new offices in dayton and tell lido investigations are underway into improperly deploying air bags in some popular car models troy adams tells us more the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating why some air bags didn't deploy in fatal crashes in hyundai and kia vehicles four people were reportedly killed and six injured in the crashes the probe is looking at the twenty twelve and twenty thirteen kia forte and the twenty eleven hyundai tanada the airbag control module in those cars was built by a german company both carmakers say that they are cooperating with the investigation senator amy klobuchar is calling on mark zuckerberg did testify in front of the senate judiciary committee as facebook says data company used by the trump campaign broke its rules abc's brian clark explains facebook users who downloaded an app took a quiz thought it was a research amp used by psychologists according to the social media giant but facebook says the two hundred seventy thousand people who downloaded it and their friends had their information passed on from a cambridge professor to cambridge analytica a data analytics firm used by the trump campaign facebook says cambridge analytica which is financed in part by billionaire trump backer robert mercer violated its policies and has now been suspended from buying ads on facebook cambridge analytic is defended itself saying it broke no laws brian clark abc news and a fifth see to ohio state lost to gonzaga ninety two eighty four in the round of thirty two you gotta be to a couple of fifty fifty boss beat on the glass a little bit just you know just toughness plays that we didn't have most crucial point of the game it costs us as ohio state fell in the second round the four seeded bulldogs are now in the.

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