Missing teen located in Mexico, 45-year-old man arrested, authorities say


With directions we'd love sharing our city we love people to come and experience what those of us that were born and raised or those of us that just live here now are able to be around all the time so we really love to share our city growth is great growth is not always easy but i think charleston has handled it beautifully and those of us that live here are handled it with graciousness just like most of what else we have since you're speaking travelers across the country today help us paint a picture of some of the top things to do in charleston whether they're your favorites or whatever you would recommend people coming for the first time you know that's a tough one and people often ask me how long they should stay with president trump while the recovery goes on the scene of a deadly pedestrian bridge collapse in miami many are wondering if something could have been done to prevent it altogether more from fox's steve harrigan a lot of attention now focused on reports of a crack in the bridge a crack that was noticed before that bridge collapsed there was a voicemail sense from one of the engineers to a department of transportation state worker on tuesday two days before the claps the state worker was out of the office did not receive that voicemail until friday after the bridge collapse cruise just recovered a fifth vehicle from the rubble six people and all died a missing teenage girl from pennsylvania turns up in mexico the us marshals office in miami says sixteen year old amy you of allentown was found with fifty forty five year old kevin julie the suspect allegedly bought one way airline tickets from philadelphia dallas with plans to head to cancun authorities think the girl went willingly with the suspect she'd been missing for almost two weeks and vladimir putin is all but certain to win this weekend's presidential election in russia opponents of the political process they are pros testing as we speak about the voting believing that the system is rigged to keep putin empower putin is expected to stay in office for the next six years fox news fair and balanced i'm in almost every school blessing class i go to school.

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