Justin Bieber and Patrick Schwarzenegger's friendship finds its way to the red carpet


Put us the meaning of this all right donnie did we give away or midnight sun ticket all gone okay okay all right so last friday bella thorne and patrick schwarzenegger were in studio with us so jealous and apparently they have unbelievable chemistry in this romantic movie that's coming out a week from today midnight sun and last night was the l a premier right and patrick schwarzenegger courses mom is sister show up his dad and i guess he's good but he's with justin bieber yes he is justin bieber shows up in a track suit in turks who tracks torn niece slip on sneakers zits man and the back of his sweatshirt said fear of god i sat he is sad i don't know what is going on that about he showed up i fan but i think he's sad about the selena gomez situation that's what his look told me he did not dress to impress for that glasses i mean didn't cover up possess he just went because he had to he dragged himself out of manley he and patrick schwarzenegger go to the same church.

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