Sports Center Update March 16th 2018


Go ahead three with twenty one to go zags a winner sixty eight sixty four bulldogs gay back at twelve point second half lead and trail by two with under to go josh perkins on the feelings of his team pull it out late i'm almost still on hi i'm occur shaking still sweating but i mean i'm just about i'm here with these guys and these coaches staff says my first tournament but we're focused on this one and like i said i'm just glad i'm here with these guys my brothers ohio state tied with the lumberjacks are south dakota state again late around forever it goes williams to back to the goal against top thirteen to two spits it out per williamson spell any berry williams absolute bullseye as he got to give the buckeyes pud three point lead and maybe four with one thirty five to go was a four point play westwood one nc two a radio network cam williams the tiebreaking four point play with about a minute and a half to go hit three free throws to follow keita bates diop at twenty four points dozen rebounds is the buckeyes get to the finish line i eighty one to seventy three diablo leftwing wanted an entry instead he gets the foul line at guilt this alexander tanakh pay slide is true always rained all day for their sixty five fifty nine kentucky and kevin dots out bob mckillop one fifty five to go kevin knox twenty five number five seed kentucky advances to the second round south regional getting past davidson seventy eight seventy three evansville what's up with a texas tech behind the bench he snorts his head asking for more noise the lone star state battle goals to texas tech goal horn sounds the tober texas tech seventy stephen f austin sixty texas tech will move on to the second round of the ncaa tournament the habit thurdsay texas tech surviving stephen f austin keenan evans nineteen twenty three after halftime and a ten point win those calls from westwood one ncwa radio network arizona bulled over while the heavyweights role kansas duke ondeck you're listening to sportscenter allnight on espn radio hit another crossover it's on the way that rated threes.

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