Man returns home to Romania to find he's been declared dead


Restraint luke air force base in glendale is opening up its doors to the public the loop dais airshow is this weekend you can expect military and civilian air act including the us navy blue angels as our headliner rebecca hi c with luke air force base says the blue angels are the navy's premier aerial demonstration team it performs at airshows around the world she says the tora tora tora demonstration will be another crowd favorites they do reenactments of the attacks on pearl harbor as well as some of the opposing battles fought by american fighters the two day event it's free and it starts tomorrow result us tino ktar news sixty three year old constantine really you is not asami but he is officially the walking dead a romanian court has rejected really claim that he's alive after he was officially registered as deceased really went to turkey for work and lost contact with his family in romania was wife had him declared dead two years ago after he resurfaced too late romanian court said he appealed to late and he's dead and that's a big problem for review who points out he has no income and 'cause he's listed as dead he can't get a job let's check on the traffic in the weather we'll start off with detour dan in the ktar traffic center thank you becky lynn here we go again on a friday afternoon and it looks like renewing it with a little bit of stumbling action but only two items in particular we got a carbon on the off ramp on the loop one one northbound at the thomas exit ramp at where it's going to be an egg you're gonna want to exit at indian school but it's going to be the northbound thomas exit you're not going to be able to use this until further notice it's closed until further notice due to this vehicle fire also a stalled vehicle fifty one southbound at mcdowell this is off right not blocking and then the other snags servicerelated crashes at twenty fourth street and just south of lincoln arizona avenue chandler heights forty three rd avenue at cactus and also scottsdale road a drink water this traffic report brought to you by p g p px g scottsdale is a golfer's paradise visit them at fifteen sixteen or eighty third way too shop there apparel or call eight four four.

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