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Do you want to grow your tribe i wanna share with you four easy ways that you can grow your tries that you can grow your health and wellness business how low and welcome to the fit fierce and fabulous podcasts my name is courtney bentley and i'm the founder of the fit and fabulous club certified personal trainer in inspirational speaker for the gym to the stage i found my passionate hoping boss base get fit their business and look fabulous while doing every week i'm bringing you off experts help you reach your full potential life i through those doors and ignite the confidence within you have an infection energy in for life sitdown for some wine and let's become fierce and fabulous to share with you for easy ways that you can create a tribe one thing that i did right in my business i've been in business for over eleven years i still can't believe that was i created a try it was that simple it was so much fun i didn't need any shiny software i didn't need any thing crazy like funnels or emails or anything like that i just needed to create connection with people which if you do help him bonus coaching your personal trainer or life coach you love helping people so this is for you if you're looking to expand try the first thing that i did when i moved to bankok i created a meena meena dot com is an amazing website that you can create meet ups around hobbies around volunteering around drake's around restaurants around all kinds of things and it's a great way to create a tribe.

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