Debris confirms SUV that fell in river belonged to missing family, officials say


We're trying to figure this out men have been wearing makeup more men wearing makeup than you think and it may surprise you is there reason why not just because they got off the channel four news at eleven and now they have nothing to do and till the next one rolls around at six that's not why gary shannon will continue brian suits sitting in with us today amy king has an update on the news there's a fire burning in griffith park near the greek theater like right above the seats the area is pretty dry winds have died down from yesterday some people are trying to put it out with shovels dirt so far no firefighters have been spotted on the scene we'll bring you the latest on that as it continues to develop search teams in northern california have been searching along the south fork of the eel river trying to find a missing family from valencia someone reported seeing maroon suv go off highway one oh one last friday and right into the water the car was already underwater by the time helped arrive so they haven't found it yet but apart consistent with the families honda pilot was found personal items found later also belong to the family officials are expected to release more information this afternoon the path to transfer to a uc has become guaranteed for qualified community college students freshman starting in the fall of twenty nine thousand nine can choose an associate's degree that will spell out what it takes to get to uc california community college spokesman paul says for students it eliminates confusion for you see it also means a more diverse group of college transfer students will be entering their doors he says research so students who make the transfer do as well or better than students that started at uc as a freshman corbin carson kfi news now has been washing ashore in santa barbara couple of weeks ago dredging company reported a different kind of see we'd floating in the water and someone posted video online showing two guys collecting buds on the beach news brought to you.

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