Uber sells Southeast Asia business to Grab after costly battle


That is one of the top stories this money eighteen minutes past the hour another major stories or sports story as well custom website's here yeah i'm trying to hide my striding accent this morning not that i didn't know in trying the queen's english all night and it's not working but anyway these trading cricket captain steve smith is feeling the weight of a disappointed in shock nation and may after admitting his part in a plot to tampa with the ball during the third test against south africa on the weekend now you don't really understand the tv pictures caught cameron bancroft using yellow tape to basically create a sticky patch on the ball and what that was going to do is create a little sticky granules could stick to the bowl and then change the condition of that helps it swing differently and give the the bowling team some advantage was with has been banned from the fourth and final test against south africa as well as being find his entire match feet from the third test by the international cricket council but i'm sure there's more punishment to come the training prime minister has had his guy at the trailing cricket team as well in other sports news nigeria's blessing kebara has set a new african two hundred meter record at a meeting in texas had time at twenty two point zero four seconds beat record held jointly by to click and mary on yali by to hundreds of a second in football camera a camera with three one friendly win over kuwait and steph curry will miss the start of the nba playoffs next season he's injured again thanks kirsten webster refusing we've let her off lightly don't worry she's back in twenty minutes and lots of sports news let's talk business now as well sweeping chan is on the business desk this morning we're going to talk uber uber in southeast asia what's happening yeah it feels a bit like history repeating itself it's pulling out selling southeast asian business to grab that's his big rival in the region two years ago it sold it's trying to business to a ditty after period of intense rivalry between the two companies back then it took a seventeen percent stake in did he's doing the same this time but taking a twenty seven point five percent stake in grab and dara was shot he the.

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