This Week in Civil Rights History: Myrlie Evers is born


I i could make an argument liking one more than the other but what what makes one better than the other that that is awfully arbitrary and and created to promote hollywood and it doesn't quite successfully and it started as a fifteen minute or a half hour show and now it's a three and a half hour show well the real history of it was that of course billy renos the real history in in the nineteen twenties the the academy was created to try to stop a writers directors from unionizing that that was it was ultimately was collusion between the studio heads who normally would do nothing but compete with one another this time they had a common enemy which was they didn't wanna have union shops and how does how does creating their kademi do that because well in other words they joined power okay joined forces to collusion in effect one hundred percent they joined forces to try to stomp out the union impulse on their lots then everyone sort of figured out what the academy was and so it was louis mayor who said you know we need we need some pr here we need to to to gussie this organization up what if we through an event that was in celebration of excellence and that became the academy awards oh that's wild so i didn't know the first part i only knew the second part which is to celebrate hollywood but the reason is we're trying to get the stink off for set.

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