American, British service members killed by IED in Syria


It was a rare attack on u s led coalition forces a bombing northern syria that also wounded five other service members the american was the fourth u s military member to die in syria since the pentagon began attacking a slavic state militants there in two thousand fourteen while officials here at the pentagon are not giving any details about the american who was killed britain says it servicemember was killed while embedded with us forces during an operation against the militants saga megani at the pentagon the widow of the gunman who killed forty nine people at the orlando pulse nightclub has been found not guilty of lying to the fbi and helping her husband planned the attack family spokeswoman susan clary tells w f tv nor salman's family is grateful to the jury family is elated nor can go home now to her son zach resume her life and try to pick up the pieces from two years in jail after the verdicts were read salman began sobbing with joyner family held each other on the other side of the courtroom the families of the victims of the pulse shooting sat stonefaced.

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