Arnold Schwarzenegger is recovering from heart surgery, according to his rep (updated)


Kabc news is live and local at two thirty i'm jeff whittle former california governor arnold schwarzenegger's hospitalized in stable condition after undergoing open heart surgery yesterday at cedars sinai medical center the seventy year old schwarzenegger went in for a previously planned procedure to replace a pull monica vowed that was originally replaced in nineteen ninetyseven dr sam kelly g a cardiologists tells nbc four news replacement valve wasn't meant to be permanent those vows last anywhere from fifteen twenty thirty years it was likely at this time that he needed a valve replacement because the life of that bioprosthetic or pig valve had passed california may have another fight on its hands is the environmental protection agency looks to possibly rollback obama era fuel efficiency standards even if the epa loosens fuel economy standards this weekend california could still pursue the goal set by the obama administration because of the clean air act rebecca lynn land with kelley blue book expects california to stale push back but that may not be best for other states i think what's best for california is become closer to what the rest of the country and what consumers want to buy the obama era standards call for.

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