Lollapalooza 2018 Lineup Announced: The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Jack White, More


The news is steve bertrand sunny it is thirty three degrees now at o'hare the emmanuel administration is announced two finalists in the bidding to build a highspeed transport system from o'hare to downtown one of them the boring company is run by elon musk the goal is to get to and from o'hare in twenty minutes the mayor said last year that he has a three year waiting period on this show they hope to get moving fairly soon on this post election day while the losers are trying to figure out what went wrong the winters are focusing on what's next like the general election in november jay pritzker the democrat for governor says he can unite the party even after a divided primary win governor rounders looking to the general election after a narrow win over conservative genie is is focused on social issues in her challenge i don't focus on social issues they divide us at a time when we need to unite to fix our economic problems the governor tells wgn's tv morning news that he's focused on jobs and the economy thank you so much state senator kwami raoul thanking supporters in the city after winning the democratic nomination for illinois attorney general he says he looks forward to a good debate over the course of the next several months with erika harold i look forward to discussing the issues that impact the state of illinois from the standpoint of how on attorney general could make it better stay erica herald is a former missile annoy and miss american won the republican nomination yesterday house speaker ryan said congressional negotiators are in a good place as they try to finish a big one point three trillion dollar spending bill before the end of the week deadline he told reporters they expect to post something very soon another week another nor'easter three of the four i should say nor'easters in three weeks hitting the eastern shore today the storm runs from washington dc up to new york city new york already has the national guard on standby palooza lineup is out the twenty eighteen lollapalooza line of figures headliners like bruno mars the weekend and arctic monkeys sales were sluggish when four day sales opened yesterday some blaming the price others critical of last year's lineup well now they know this year's lineup we'll check your money sports traffic and weather next on wgn easter is coming up and i just can't wait to have the whole family in one place and of course what's.

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