Uncle Sam Finally Waking Up To China – Analysis – Eurasia Review


With a hostile foreign policy some want to these threatened tariffs to be combined with a us re entry into the trans pacific partnership and you might remember that that thing is a proposed trading zone leaky and eleven countries in the americas and asia but it doesn't include china and some people think that would turn the dispute more in to with china more into a multinational affair you know when china joined the world trade organization back in two thousand and one mini advocates fodder would actually play by global rules against advent advantage in its own firms and hurting others but that is simply not been the case and you know that calls other countries by the way to share the resentment towards china's trade practices for example the french president emmanuel macron has called for a unified european union policy against china and what's interesting is up peter navarro who is president trump's trade adviser he stated the following quote everyone who trades with china faces these problems on quote and then he further stated that quote part of the process that we have undergone is to have a significant outreach to our likeminded allies and trading partners on quote so while there may be many proponents and critics of the performance of the proposed tariffs tariffs and strategies that have been brought forth by president trump most handle believe something has to be done though to hold china accountable and that's kind of a spot ran right now do you know we've said this for the last few weeks that again this is whether you're pro or anti trump the bottom line this really had more to do with china than anything else and i called it the trump bluff i think a lot of this you know talk was all really targeted towards china because there needs to be something done you know that we have like a six hundred and thirty billion dollar trade deficit and sixty five percent of that is with one country and that's china and that hurts us because trade deficits have to be financed with debt and they do a pulse tariffs on our products and and other countries products as well so it's not like they don't have to try right you know one thing that was in the new not too long ago is one of the.

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