After Fights And Arrests, Richard Spencer Speaks To Tiny Crowd At Michigan State


Great voice of the great lakes seven sixty wjr detroit hazy sunshine thirty seven degrees good afternoon ken rogulski wjr news mayor duggan will propose greater k through twelve efforts in tonight's state of the city address with a preview wjr's dick hafner mayor duggan will deal with plans to get the city involved with detroit public schools and the many charter schools that operate in the audience detroit school superintendent nikolai viti underscoring the main theme the speech will take place at western international high school duggan will deviate from his usual unscripted format and this time who use a powerpoint presentation that's wjr's dick hafner state police say some of the protesters who involved in trouble at michigan state yesterday during an appearance by a white nationalists were there to cause violence local police say about two dozen people were arrested for flights and rockthrowing outside the m issue egg building inside albright figure richard spencer spoke to a small crowd lieutenant mike shaw the michigan state police says causing trouble gets groups in the news unfortunately when you have the type of groups groups that show up to protest they may not even be protecting the card that they're on their narrator paid by other organisations are brought up there yet to cause trouble and that usually does the folk that we deal with he was on the beckmann program he worked for the court but officials say he was a crook wjr's gene fogel explains raines fortyseven are william lake of redford was a court officer for thirty six district court he was assigned to collect fines imposed by judges in the court instead prosecutors say he was pocketing the money that he received blake is accused of killing at least fifteen thousand dollars between september two thousand thirteen and april two thousand fourteen in one case authorities say is victim as a man of the cloth they say went to the east lake baptist church in detroit and demanded five thousand dollars in the pasture the passers have you only have a thousand dollars blake took that money and kept it gene fogel wjr news nashville mayor marion of make meghan berry has resigned from her position as part of a plea deal on a felony theft charge related to her admission that she had an affair with her former bodyguard while making the announcement berry says she will always support nashville well my time today is you mere concludes my unwavering love.

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