Should you still get a flu shot?


Th week of a very difficult flu season though as long as flow continues to circulate officials say you should still get a flu shot hawaii idaho iowa north dakota tennessee in washington state now have a low activity of flu like illness ford of maine and montana's seeing what's called minimal activity but high flu like illness activity continues in new york city the district of columbia and the remaining thirty tuesday for usa radio news i'm chris warren saudi arabia's crown prince lands in egypt jennifer breen with more on his first official foreign state trip crown prince muhammad bin salman of saudi arabia is the coptic christian church in cairo with egypt's president abdel fattah elsisi she is the first president egypt's modern history to reach out to the christian community in the muslimmajority country and has he been appointed christian leaders his cabinet both the saudi leader an egyptian president are muslim but enjoyed a christian service in the heart of egypt's capital city saudis deng crown prince reported by analysts to be a reformminded leader in the islamists kingdom even playing a role in overturning the laws against women drivers that's jennifer bring and porsche may be developing a flying passenger vehicle to compete with rivals in the new markets there one of several companies that are working on the concept of flying cars this is usa radio news news if you're struggling to pay our happened been making.

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