YouTube shooting: Nasim Aghdam's videos central to suspected motive


Since his inauguration last year last july trump spoke to thousands of boy scouts of their jamboree his speech there drew criticism over remarks that many called highly politicized at an august rally trump was joined by governor jim justice in huntington were justice announced he was switching from democrat to republican the president's last stop in the state was the republicans annual congressional retreat in february at the greenbrier resort which is owned by the justice family group for npr news i'm dave mitch in beckley west virginia turn that australia where the privacy commissioner is opening a formal investigation into facebook's unauthorized use of data and melbourne here's louisa limb facebook says information for more than three hundred thousand australians may have been improperly shared with the data analysis firm cambridge analytica now the acting commissioner anthony gene faulk says she'll investigative facebook breached the privacy act if so it could face fines of one point five million dollars the australians among eighty seven million people affected worldwide a facebook stralia executive william eastern admitted the company failed to meet us expectations the scandals wiped about one hundred billion dollars of facebook's market value for npr news this is louis elim in melbourne youtube is preparing to increase security at its headquarters in its offices around the world in response to this week's shooting on its san bruno california campus police say the thirty four year old woman who carried out the attack was angry about youtube decision block her videos seem ogden had accused youtube of unfairly censoring her and preventing her from earning money youtube had no comment about its decisions at the shooter protested at last check on wall street the dow jones industrial average was up nearly three hundred fifty points or one point four percent at twenty four thousand six hundred thirteen this is npr this is wnyc i'm shumita basu in new york a brooklyn congresswoman is speaking out about yesterday's police shooting of a black man thirty four year old saheed vessel was shot by nypd officers in crown heights responding to reports of a man with a gun the object he was holding was later revealed to be a metal tube congresswoman yvette clark represents most of central brooklyn including crown heights on the brian lehrer show clark said police need to be better informed about potential threats otherwise it could lead to reactionary biased behaviour somewhere along the line we've got to get to the point in.

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