Tacoma Mall Taser lawsuit goes against city, police officer, gets half million dollars


A teenager who was taste by tacoma mall security officer has been awarded a half million dollars modique charlene tillman was fifteen in may of two thousand fourteen when she says an offduty tacoma police officer working mall security pulled her off her bike by her hair and shocked her with a taser pulling my hair and it was like china slammed my face into the concrete the incident was caught on security video tillman sued saying the assault violated her civil rights yesterday a district court jury agreed and awarded her that half million dollars a former seattle police officer has been sentenced to six years in prison for his role in smuggling hundreds of pounds of marijuana to baltimore the us attorney's office is forty four year old alex capacity was sentenced yesterday japan spent sixteen years on the force and resigned shortly after he was arrested last may he pleaded guilty in november two conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to commit money laundering craigslist won't allow personal ads on its site anymore the move comes after the senate approved a sex trafficking bill it makes website operator there's more accountable for their users activities the legislation makes it a crime to operate an internet platform with the intent of promoting prostitution supporters say it could help stop on like sex trafficking of minors opponents say it could expose tech companies to lawsuits over free speech and that's komo's brian yamamoto snoqualmie police want to see a sketch as they search for the man who groped a girl less than a block from mount sinai high school we have that sketch on our website komonews dot com they say the guy was walking on the sidewalk and grabbed the girl as she passed him last friday a ruler from the middle east will visit seattle later this month komo's eric heintz has more crown prince mohammad bin salman of saudi arabia is considered both a modernist reformer and military strongman recently he lifted a thirty five year ban on cinemas and allowed saudi women for the first time to attend mixed gender public events he's also confronted iran and launched his air force to participate in the civil war in syria the seattle times reports on march thirtieth he's expected to meet with bill gates and a tour boeing's everett facility the seattle stop is the first on a west coast tour that will focus mostly on business relationships you spending three weeks total in the us and has already met with the.

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