NFL Draft Quarterback Class: The Holes and the Hype


It's a cat and mouse game here so all the stuff that you're hearing about who teams like and whatnot you take it with a grain of salt but i do think the new york giants there with the second pick really are going to dictate a lot of what happens for the rest of this first room by let's see what you guys think eighty eight say espn eight seven to nine three seven seven six started off with joey he's calling from la joe you're on espn radio how were you and doing great and how about yourself joe i'm doing outstanding what's on your mind today and there's a lot of the nfl draft but i want to begin by asking you have you seen so much buildup leading up to a draft i it's this is the most i've seen since two thousand four with ally manning not wanting to go to geico well what was the common denominator with two thousand and four in two thousand eighteen is that you had a few quarterbacks who will figure to go here early on in the draft remember in oh four yet three quarterbacks going the top ten now the interesting thing about it though here is i'm not going to sit here and try to convince you that josh allen josh rosen sam darnold if indeed those of the three guys off the board i in any particular order i'm not going to sit here and try to convince you that those three guys are going to the hall of fame just like alive rivers and ben rothlisberger are going to be in one day i mean this end up this could be the same disaster as when we had tim couch donovan mcnabb and akili smith go one two three it might end up being that way but i do think that there's a couple of these guys who figure to have good careers and that's why you have the nation when you have the quarterback and when you have as many of them as you have figuring to go early on here in two thousand eighteen that's where all this buildup comes from.

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