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When Dunkin in garnet becoming elite Kobe Bryant


Seaver preview check in S. mourning appreciate the kind words and believe me my wife will appreciate that and so coworkers because it is scary if you work a a or a health care worker work in a hospital yeah I mean obviously it's scary times in a day this their job to go help people so we do appreciate those thoughts yeah I think the giants have two questions I have to take a lineman but you talk about backed in I mean what whether it's just ham whether the other top offensive lineman I really don't care which one it is I would prefer that they take a top lineman there you could take a top defensive player you could trade down and take one of the best defensive players are still I mean because you could still get it but with the number four pick John's gonna have their pick if they stay there and be you know the idea so somewhere over just some dope on Twitter talking about this that they should take a wide receiver I mean get lost how close can you possibly be to me it's two picks either the best defensive player well the best offense of one and that is it and I would probably side with the alignment depending

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When Dunkin in garnet becoming elite Kobe Bryant

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