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America is listening to fox news


Set to take over if he becomes incapacitated California governor Gavin Newsom offering help to other cities in the form of ventilators five hundred ventilators from our cash will be sent to the national stockpile to be immediately distributed to states in need particularly the state of New York New York governor Andrew Cuomo had said earlier today the state is using all its ventilators beyond their capacity the governor of Wisconsin overruled by the state's highest court in his effort to postpone tomorrow's presidential primary Wisconsin spring election will happen as originally planned to Tuesday after the state Supreme Court to block democratic governor Tony Evers executive order to push back the vote by two months he says out of fears of a corona virus there's no shame in changing course to keep people safe and quite frankly to save lives though this just days after the governorate minute in a tweeted that he did not have the authority to stop the election rather than it belong to the Republican controlled legislature anti verse who up until the eleventh hour push forward with a Tuesday vote Jeff moss so fox news Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is pledging an aggressive public health campaign aimed at people of color the city's black residents account for seventy two percent of deaths from the virus despite making up only thirty percent of the city's population America is listening to fox news six

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America is listening to fox news

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